From the Children’s Ministry….

I must make a confession. As Lent approached this year, Dave asked me what I planned to give up and I replied, “Nothing. I’ve already given up too much this year.” Usually, I begin thinking about Lent in January.  I like to plan activities for the children to do during Lent and I seriously try to think what I need to give up so that I can focus more on my relationship with God.  This year, the thought of another sacrifice was more than I could deal with. Because of that, the children did not receive their “Lent in a Bag” activities.  We may be a little late starting, but I offer these ideas I found that do not make me feel even more stressed than I already am.  I hope that you will find at least a few that will bring you a feeling of accomplishing something, joy, inner peace, and reassurance that in all that we have gone through this past year, God has been right by our side.           

Write 10 notes to 10 people that you have been meaning to contact. For children, this can be people that they have missed seeing during the pandemic, a first responder, a teacher, a classmate, or someone in the church who has been ill or who has lost someone.

Swap 10 bad habits for 10 good habits.  What changes to your life have you been putting off? What would make your life better?  What would make you feel that you have accomplished something? Whether you can think of 10 or just one or two, try to make a few changes.  For children, this could be 5 or 10 minutes off devices to clean their room, eating a fruit or vegetable instead of candy, picking up a book instead of reaching for the TV remote, etc.

Open up your Bible and read at least one chapter in 10 different books of the Bible.  Make notes about which ones you want to go back and read more of.

Take 10 minutes 10 different days to think about how you are:

A child of God
Not Alone
Created for a Purpose

This year has made us live, work, and worship in different ways.  It is fitting that as we prepare for Easter, we do that in a different way, also.  I have to admit that I liked the “water” cross almost as much as I like ashes.  I hope that as we journey through this season of Lent, we will find even more ways to grow in our faith and to strengthen our relationship with God.