From the Children’s Ministry….

Usually, I am a little sad to see a year come to an end. That was not the case with 2020. If there was ever a year that tried our patience, our perseverance, our faith, 2020 was that year. I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled to begin a new year. This coming year brings a ray of hope.  There is hope that this pandemic will finally be brought under control with the vaccines we should all receive this year. There is hope that we will finally be able to gather together without risking each other’s health.  There is hope that we will have some form of normalcy in our lives again. Just thinking about 2021 gives me a sense of joy that I haven’t had in a long time.

However, it would be a mistake not to look back on 2020 and realize that even in the worst of the pandemic, God was with us.  It wasn’t all darkness; there were good things to cherish and remember from last year. Being isolated from family and friends reminded me how important the people in my life are to me.  Seeing so many of you on Zoom brought me a sense of calm and joy each week.  When we began outdoor worship, it was truly a blessing to see you in person once again. When we were sick, you surrounded us with your love and prayers. Both sustained us through those difficult days. I wouldn’t want to repeat last year, but am thankful for the lessons learned and the blessings received.

One of the “bright” days of 2020 was the day I delivered sixty-two gift cards to Northside Hospital Duluth for the healthcare workers working with Covid patients. Even in the difficult days of 2020, Parkway came through by generously supporting these people who have been and continue to go through difficult days.  I wish all of you could see the joy that your gifts  brought Northside Duluth!

I am so optimistic about what 2021 will bring.  I can’t wait to resume normal activities with the children of Parkway!  Thank you for helping me get through the difficulties of 2020! Let’s make wonderful memories in 2021!