From the Children’s Ministry….

The first children’s minister at a church I was a member of was Bob Parris. It was only when I came to Parkway that I came to know Paula.  Bob and Paula have dedicated their lives to children, in the church and in the school system. Our Parkway children have been so blessed to have both Bob and Paula as Sunday School teachers, Bible School teachers, and participants in every aspect of children’s ministry at Parkway.  

Bob had to step back several years ago because of health issues.  Soon after we suspended in-church worship due to the pandemic, Paula called and said that she had reached the point where she needed to step down to look after Bob. While I knew this day would come, I am still sad that it has. 

Bob and Paula were more than teachers.  They were mentors to the children’s ministers who followed them, creators of materials for Sunday School and Worship, and Parkway Grandparents to every child who walked through the doors of Parkway. I am not gifted enough in words to express all that Bob and Paula have meant to me or to express the proper gratitude for all that they have done for the Children’s Ministry at Parkway.  All I can say is that I love them dearly. I will miss having them as the first people I see when I walk in the church on Sunday mornings and I will miss their guidance. I hope that all of you will have the opportunity to tell Paula how much her work with the children has been appreciated when we are finally able to worship together again.

I do not know how long it will be before it will be safe to have our normal Sunday School schedule. In the meantime, I will continue to have weekly Zoom sessions with the children. I hate that our children missed out on Passport Kids Camp this summer and our usual fall activities may have to be altered or canceled as well.  These are difficult times, but with creative thinking, I pray that we can offer quality experiences for our Parkway Children until this pandemic is behind us.

Continue to stay safe.  Wear a mask, social distance as much as you can.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to protect yourself from this virus!