From the Children’s Ministry….

During Lent this year, I stayed off Facebook. For the most part, I have stayed off. Instead of checking it hourly, I may or may not check it once a day. I have not been as successful in removing myself from Twitter. I like to keep up with the latest news from physicians and scientists pertaining to the Covid19 crisis. Last week, I saw this “tweet” from a physician who has been a great source of information.

“Every night this week I’ve been awake, worrying about my patients, as the moon rose. It struck me: it’s not luminous on its own, it’s just reflecting a greater source of light. And yet, there it is in the darkness. None of us have to be the sun right now. Be the moon.” @marklewismd

This time of isolation has not been fun. It has been difficult for everyone. I don’t know about you, but I needed the reminder that as Christians we are not “luminous” on our own; we just “reflect a greater source of light.” As we begin the slow process of going out into the community while still following safe procedures, remember that when people get too close, look at your mask with disgust, walk the wrong way down grocery aisles, and say harsh things, we just have to be the moon. Reflect God’s love. Continue to stay safe.