From the Children’s Ministry….

I have to confess that this time of social distancing is taking a toll on our household. I have found that it is particularly difficult for 92-year-olds, like my mom, who are used to being on the go. I can’t imagine what it is like for our children and their parents! I am sure that there are parents who are much more creative than I am, but, here are a few ideas you may not have tried yet to survive these trying days.

· Art Day: Think outside the box. One of the best centers I ever put out at school was a box of throw away things. Parents donated cloth, cardboard tubes, buttons, ribbons, paper, lace, yarn, tape, flowers, anything that they were ready to throw out. I put all those things in a box and said, “Create.” It was amazing to see what the children would make out of materials that no one else had use for. Challenge the children to create their own “art show” with their creations, drawings, and sculptures.

· Day of Service: Make or write cards for health care workers, older church members, or the postman or trash pick up person. There are a lot of people who could use a “lift” right now. Don’t forget high school seniors who are missing so much of their senior year. A former co-worker’s son missed his senior year last year due to a terrible car accident. He spent last year recovering from his injuries only to have COVID 19 ruin graduation this year.

· Have a party. Not just any party. Dress up. You can dress silly, serious, or like a favorite character. Then dance away!

· Balloon games. Blow up a balloon, sit across from each other or spread out and play balloon volleyball. The object is to keep the balloon up in the air. Balloons are also fun to decorate. Make funny people or your own cartoon creation.

· Make lists of fun things the children would like their Children’s Ministry Coordinator to plan when it is safe for us all to get back together!

Rest assured that when we get the all clear, I will be ready to plan events for the children! We will definitely have some kind of Passport and Vacation Bible School experience this summer!

It will probably be some time before we know what effect this experience will have on children. They already live in a world that most of us adults never imagined could be possible. I am so thankful for the parents that we have at Parkway. I am also thankful for the church family of Parkway. I have no doubt that each of our Parkway Kids know how much they are loved and that they all have a faith in God that will help them through not only these trying times, but through everything that life will throw at them.

Stay safe! I can’t wait until we can all be together again.