From the Children’s Ministry….


We are entering peak school busy season. Every week our students ask for prayer because they have more tests, more practices, more homework, and more that is expected from them. We not only expect them to do all of that listed, but also be the light and love of Jesus. My question is, do we expect the same of ourselves?

We all know that school and college prepared us for the stress and challenges we face in the adult world, but do we expect the same devotion to our faith that we ask of our students? We want our students to lean on God throughout their whole lives, and to learn how to do that now, but I think we forget how to do it ourselves. Maybe we are out of practice. So I ask the same question I ask our students, how do I become devoted to something? They have answered over and over: make it a priority.

When is the last time we set aside time specifically to spend with God? I have found that when it is made a priority the stress of my schedule is not as overwhelming. We desperately want our students to know this peace, but we often pass it over in our lives and move on to the next task. How will we be devoted in the midst of busyness?