From the Children’s Ministry

When I think about the children that I taught in kindergarten, I think of them as being stuck in a time warp.  In my mind, they are still five-years-old. That is what happens when someone comes into your life for a brief period of time and then moves on.

One of the great joys of being a part of a church family and especially of being a member of the church staff is that I get to watch the children grow up.  I not only get to see them grow physically; I get to see their talents and gifts develop as well as see them grow from a child-like faith into young people with deep faith and strong convictions.

When we joined Parkway in 2003, I was anxious to begin serving in the Children’s ministry.  My first assignment (after the mandatory six month waiting period) was in the three-year-old Sunday School class.  Members of that class included Barron Wallace, Johnny Mitchell, and Brendan Kennedy. Katherine Blackwell came soon after. It is hard to believe that those “children” are now graduating high school!  Time passes much too quickly!

I am glad that these youth will not be stuck in the time warp of my mind and that I not only was able to watch them grow, but will see them as adults.  Congratulations Barron, Brendan, Johnny, Katherine and Christian! While I did not have the privilege of knowing Christian as a child, I am thankful to have met him as a youth!  All of these young people are truly special. Each of them is faithful not only in their church attendance, but faithful in their service to our church and the community. I look forward to seeing and hearing about all God has in store for them as they begin this next phase of their lives!

For those who are now a part of the Parkway Children’s Ministry, I hope you know how thankful I am for you!  It is a joy and a privilege to work with you and to develop a relationship with you as you grow physically and in your faith.  You, too, will grow up much too quickly! While you are here, I, for one, plan to enjoy each and every experience we have together!

Parkway has so much to be thankful for and proud of in our children and our youth.  Pray for them! This world is not the same one that we grew up in! Our hope is in the leaders of tomorrow.  I believe that the children and youth of Parkway are going to be the leaders this world needs!