From the Children’s Ministry….

Mrs. Alma Kay. Shirley Lacy. Bill Bryans. Mary Bailey. George Rooks. Mr. Joe Skeleton.

These are some of the names of Sunday School teachers I had growing up at First Baptist Church of Hartwell.  I can’t say that I remember any one lesson, but I remember the people. I remember their faithfulness, their kindness, and that they not only taught Sunday School, but they sang in the choir, greeted people as they entered worship, and served as deacons. When I think about growing up in the church, I think about these people and others like them who gave their time and talents so that we children had programs in the church to go to.  As children, we took these people for granted. We knew that they would always be there. We never gave a thought about what they were giving up so that our programs could exist.

Parkway is blessed to have wonderful volunteers that allow us to provide our children with Sunday, Wednesday night and summer programs that help them grow in their faith.  I am certain that when our Parkway Kids become adults, they, too, will remember “”Nini,” Mrs. Paula, “Ma”, Miss Angela and all the other volunteers who give their time and share their special gifts to ensure that our children’s programs not only exist, but thrive.

Volunteering in the children’s programs is often a thankless job.  We see our greeters do their jobs every Sunday. We see and enjoy the hard work of our hospitality committee.  How many of us leave a church-wide lunch without first thanking the ladies that worked so hard to make it possible?  The volunteers in the children’s ministry are the “unseen” volunteers. They are the ones back in the nursery or in a quiet room on the second floor.  Usually, the only people who “see” their work are the children and the parents. I have heard Dr. King say that if we want people to fully appreciate the children’s volunteers, we will give them a Sunday off and invite all the children to stay in the service.  Just imagine all the “joyful noise” that would bring!

I give thanks every day for everyone who helps to make our children’s ministry possible.  I love walking back to the nursery and seeing smiling faces on the children and the adults!  We are truly blessed with a congregation that serve so willingly and with such love!

In order to honor and thank all of you who work in our Sunday School program, help in the nursery and children’s worship, share your talents on Wednesday nights, help out with special events like Trunk or Treat and the Easter Egg Hunt, we would like to invite you to join us for lunch, Sunday, May 5, immediately after the worship service in the Fellowship Hall. Formal invitations will not be sent because we do not want to miss anyone who has helped with any of our children’s activities.  If you have volunteered on a regular basis or for one event, please come and let our Parkway Kids thank you! All that you need to do is to email me at to let me know that you will attend. I hope to see you there!