From the Children’s Ministry…

It always makes me a little sad to abandon the “old” way of doing things for the “new” ways.  This was true when I left the traditional Wednesday night schedule of Mission’s activities for a mixed schedule of Bible based activities that provide more movement and variety for children who have spent way too much time in structured school instruction.  It was also true when the Children’s Committee agreed that it was time to change the way that we do Vacation Bible School from the traditional week-long event to a summer long Wednesday night focus.

However, sometimes the “new” is a huge improvement of the “old”.  That is the case with the new way of doing the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. Instead of filling plastic eggs with small toys that usually end up in the trash, we are going to hide empty eggs this year.  Some eggs will have numbers written on the outside of the egg. At the end of the hunt, children will take the numbered eggs to the corresponding numbered station and receive a larger, nicer prize.  Every child will go home with a treat bag for participating. Some churches have been doing this for several years and have found that children, parents, and those who have always stuffed the eggs are much happier with this system.

We will continue to have inflatable jump houses, games and food.  The only change will be in how we conduct the actual egg hunt. Volunteers will still be needed in these areas as well as manning the prize stations.  We will also need donations of plastic eggs that have been snapped together. I will take care of numbering the eggs. All help is appreciated, whether it is through being here for the event or donating supplies!

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, April 20 from 11:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. for our new and improved Easter Egg Hunt!