From Pastor Caroline . . .

Holy Week

April 1, 2023

Five weeks ago, we began a journey together. We committed to walk with each other as we, once
again, made the journey to the cross. We knew it would have ups and downs. We knew there
would be joys and challenges along the way. These last few weeks have been a time for soul
searching. They have allowed us the space to face our deepest fears and confront our darkest
Now, as we begin Holy Week, we are nearing the end of this journey to the cross. We can see
Easter on the horizon and might be tempted to skip this most challenging part of the journey.
This Sunday we will come together for Palm Sunday celebrations. Palm Sunday is a bit of an
anomaly. We shout “Hosanna” and we experience that eager sense of anticipation as we look
toward the joy of Easter. But, in reality, we are just beginning that long and difficult walk through
Holy Week.
We want to rejoice. We want to celebrate. We want to surrender the journey of sacrifice and
humility that can be so difficult. But this is the time to really push forward, to persevere. This is
the time to give it our all as we push through to the end.
I want to encourage you to keep going. The cross is in view and the tomb is prepared. Prepare
yourself for this Holy Week. Holy Week requires dedication and patience. It can be challenging
emotionally, physically, psychologically. But it is a time to draw close to Jesus and to
concentrate on his intense, selfless sacrifice. It is an intentional time designed to transform us
…so much as we will allow it to.
I look forward to celebrating Easter with you all. We have wonderful celebrations prepared and
will be witnessing several baptisms. Easter is coming, but first we must face the cross. We will
walk this journey together this week and I invite you to be present. I hope you can be here on
Sunday as we wave our palm fronds and shout Hosanna. I hope you can join us for our Good Friday
Service this week. It is a memorial and remembrance of the death of Christ.
This is a long and fulfilling week. Don’t miss it. Resist the temptation to skip ahead and
arrive just for Easter celebrations. This is an important part of our spiritual formation, of our soul
search. Let’s walk this Holy Week together.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Caroline