From Pastor Caroline (3/3/23) . . .

Dear Parkway Family,

As we enter into this season of Lent, we are preparing ourselves to stand before the cross on
Good Friday and to celebrate our risen Lord on Easter morning. This task requires preparation. It
requires that we prepare ourselves and that we allow ourselves to be prepared by the Holy Spirit.
As we do this, we are having a time of soul searching. I invite you all to be here as much as you
can during this Lenten season, to receive the encouragement and support of your church family.

We soul search as disciples but also together as a church. We are seeking to be the church that
God has created us to be. Your leadership team has been hard at work as we prepare to lead the
church. This last weekend we had a leadership retreat at which the deacons and the church
council met together for extended times of intentional prayer and discernment.

The Church has a very clear purpose that is given to us as the body of Christ in the world. Our
purpose is simple, and we need to work to keep it simple. Our purpose is to love God and love
neighbor. That looks like gathering together for times of worship and fellowship as we grow in
our discipleship. It looks like going out into our community and our world to share the light and
the love of Christ with all whom we encounter.

I want to share with you some of the things that we discussed at our leadership retreat. These are
things that we will be working on in the coming months. As a leadership team we will work
together to enhance our worship to have meaningful times of worship together. We will work to
improve our process and collaboration of committees. We will also work to improve our
communication both internally and externally. We will do all of this as we seek to be more
intentional about being the church together.

Your leadership team works hard to help the church be the church that God has called us to be.
Please be patient with others when they do not make choices that you want. Please know that
everyone is acting out of love and the passion of Christ. We are the body of Christ …together!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Caroline