From Pastor Caroline (6/24/22) . . .

A Call to Prayer

June 24, 2022

Pray without ceasing
~1 Thessalonians 5:17

Years ago, when Josh and I were living in Kenya, we lived next door to a mosque. Each day in
the very early morning we were awakened by a to a call to prayer. It was a beautiful sound as the
muezzin would remind the people to stop whatever it was that they were doing to commune with
God. He would do this five times a day. I appreciated the reminder and would stop and pray each
time I heard it.
We too are given a call to prayer. We actually are given many throughout the day, if we will
allow ourselves to see them for what they are. When one of my kids came and gave me a hug, I
was reminded to pray for my friends who recently lost a child. When my dog came to see me one
day this week, I was reminded to pray for friends deciding whether it was time to let go of their
beloved dog. When my pesky Covid cough was keeping me from sleeping, I was reminded to
pray for those in our fellowship who have Covid. When I took my vitamins this morning, I was
reminded to pray for one from our faith family who is in the hospital and two others just
released. The reminders go on and on. We just need to see them for what they are and heed the
Paul calls on disciples of Jesus to pray without ceasing. We are to remain in constant communion
with God. But God knows we get distracted and sends reminders throughout the day, our own
calls to prayer. If we see the reminders for what they are, we will pray without ceasing. Look for
the calls to prayer that you are given today. Take note of them, say a word of thanks for them and
then PRAY!
Grace and Peace,

Pastor Caroline