From Pastor Caroline (5/6/22) . . .

Beloved Community

May 6, 2022

Fostering “Beloved Community” is what devoted discipleship looks like. This is what the mission of God is all about. It’s what mission looks like. Mission groups and churches spend a lot of time focusing on building relationship because we know that it is in relationship that true transformation occurs. We are called to be the body of Christ, not individual disciples who do our own things.

Beloved Community is a critical element of discipleship. Too often discipleship is seen only as actions that are taken, good deeds performed. These are certainly elements of discipleship, but a beautiful, foundational element of discipleship is building Beloved Community. We were created to live in community. We need people. We need each other.

You all do Beloved Community so well. I have loved experiencing this church in action. The way you care for one another and look after one another is truly a spiritual gift that you embrace. I want to encourage you to keep it up!

On Wednesday night of this week, we gathered together as Beloved Community and celebrated our life and ministry as the body of Christ. We celebrated birthdays! We heard from our committees at our business meeting and celebrated all we have been blessed to be a part of in God’s ministry. Thank you to all who came together to celebrate our life together!

On Thursday of this week, our first neighbors in the new community moved into their home. I had the opportunity to have lunch with them and their friends and family on Sunday. This family of three is excited for this new chapter in the life of their family. I look forward to seeing how our Beloved Community grows and extends in ways we never anticipated.

Continue to cultivate Beloved Community!

Grace and Peace,


Pastor Caroline