From Pastor Caroline (4/8/22) . . .


Holy Week


As we continue on our Lenten journey together, we find ourselves preparing for Palm Sunday celebrations. Palm Sunday is a bit of an anomaly. We shout “Hosanna” and we experience that eager sense of anticipation as we look toward the joy of Easter. But, in reality, we are just beginning that long and difficult walk through Holy Week.

We want to rejoice. We want to celebrate. We want to surrender to the journey of sacrifice and humility that can be so difficult. But this is the time to really push forward, to persevere.  This is the time to give it our all as we push through to the end.

So, I want to encourage you today to resist the urge to stay on the roadside waving palm branches.  We must keep going. The cross is in view and the tomb is prepared.

We are preparing ourselves for Holy Week. Holy Week requires dedication and patience. It is draining on so many levels: emotionally, physically, psychologically. It is difficult. But I love it because it is a time to draw so close to Jesus and to concentrate on his intense, selfless sacrifice.  It is a time to wrestle with the temptations that want to pull us away from him. It is an intentional time designed to transform us …so much as we will allow it to.

So, stay focused and persevere. Easter is coming…but first, we must face the cross. We will walk this journey together this week and I invite you to be present.  I hope you can be here on Sunday as we wave our palms and shout “Hosanna.” I hope you can join us for our Good Friday Service this week. It is a memorial and remembrance of the death of Christ.

This is a long and fulfilling week. Don’t miss it. Resist the temptation to skip ahead and just arrive for Easter celebrations. This is an important part of our spiritual formation, of our discipleship. Let’s walk this Holy Week together.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Caroline