From Pastor Caroline (4/22/22) . . .

April 22, 2022



He is risen indeed! What an honor it is to serve as your pastor! Last week we made the journey through Holy Week and it was such a privilege to do that together. I enjoyed seeing some of you in person for the first time! God is good!


On Friday we gathered in the evening to remember the suffering and sacrifice of Christ. It was a difficult time of allowing ourselves to intentionally sit and meditate on things we would often rather push aside. We gathered around the communion table and remembered that we are loved, we are cherished, we are the children of God.


Holy Saturday was filled with fun and fellowship that was focused more on our children, but I think fun was had by all! Thank you for each one of you who contributed your time, your energy and Easter eggs! There was a lot of joyful squealing!


As we gathered on Sunday for the first in person, indoor Easter service in several years, we experienced a beautiful time of worship. The depths of talent here at Parkway run deep. We are certainly blessed.


It has been a formational time in the life our church. I hope that you are spending time in prayer, seeking God’s wisdom and direction. Ask that God soften your heart that you might receive the transforming power of God. God hears the prayers of the people!


I know that some might feel as though Easter is over, but the truth is that it has only begun. As we enter this season of Eastertide, we remember that the disciples did not stand at the empty tomb. They went out into the world and fulfilled Jesus’ call to serve as witnesses to what they experienced. We have work to do! I look forward to doing it together!


Grace and Peace,



Pastor Caroline