From Pastor Caroline (4/1/22) . . .


April 1, 2022


“I am thirsty”

~John 19:28


From the cross, Jesus cried out that he was thirsty. He had nothing to drink. He had suffered great torture and exertion as he dragged his cross. And now he hung on that cross in the blazing sun, and he was thirsty.


We get that. We all need water. Water is necessary for our survival. Water is so basic and so fundamental. We use it for cooking, for cleaning, for washing, for hygiene, and certainly for drinking. To need water is be human. Perhaps this is why we can so closely relate to these words of Jesus from the cross.


We need water, yet water is something that we often take for granted.  It is not until we are faced with a situation of not having any water that we realize just how much we take it for granted. As I sat with the staff at Neighborhood Community Ministry, I listened as they shared that a part of their ministry is ensuring that people’s water does not get shut off. I was again reminded of our basic need for water.


Jesus once met a woman at a well who was seeking water. He told the woman to get him some water. She basically said, “Get your own water.”  She wanted to know how this Jewish man could be asking her, a Samaritan woman, to get him a drink. That just wasn’t the way things were done.


But Jesus offered her living water. This certainly caught her attention; it was not the response she was anticipating. So, she questions him, because he didn’t have any way to get water. But she’s thirsty; and Jesus knows that. He answers her, “Everyone who drinks this water is going to be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst.  It will become in them a spring of water of eternal life.”


Now she’s in.  She wants it, that living water!  She says to him, “Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty.” And she received that living water that day as she received her Messiah.


Sometimes we are tempted to end the story there; but the story didn’t end there. The story doesn’t end when our thirst is satisfied. We have purpose as disciples of Jesus, as the Body of Christ in the world.


That woman went and shared that living water with the others in town and many of them, too, received the living water. Through you the living water of Christ is made known to others. Will you share the living water?


Grace and Peace,


Pastor Caroline