From Pastor Caroline . . .


May 13, 2022

As I look out the window of my office, I see the remnants of the old trailer. Last week the
company came and demolished the trailer as per the agreement with the company that purchased
the land from the church. They removed a lot of it but still have some work to do.

As they demolished the trailer, I was struck by just how quickly they could tear it down. They
began with the wheelchair ramp out front which took about 20 seconds. As the ramp came down,
I was wondering who built the ramp and imagining how long it took them as they measured,
bought the supplies and put it all together. Something that can take a considerable time to build
up can be torn down in the blink of an eye.

This can have so many applications to our lives, but I think the most important is to
remember that what you say and how you act toward others matters. With every word and
action, you can either be a part of building someone up or tearing them down. The work of God,
the work of love, is a ministry of creating, not destroying.

I hope that you will consider that throughout the day and the weekend. As you encounter
someone, consciously consider whether you are creating and redeeming or destroying and
tearing down. We work for the master builder! I do not think it is coincidence or circumstance
that Jesus was the son of carpenter and worked in the trade. God is creator!

Seek to create as you love in the way you were created to love!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Caroline