From Pastor Caroline (10.01.21)

In case you have any doubt, I want you to hear this morning that Jesus loves you.  How do we know that?  How do we know that Jesus loves us?

Because Jesus loves his disciples.  The night before Jesus died he spent his last hours with his disciples having supper.  In an act of love he made himself lowly and he washed their feet; he then told them to wash the feet of others.

Jesus loves you, so love one another.

I know we don’t always want to love others.  There are times when we feel like others make it difficult to love them.  We might protest or even refuse. 

If you have those thoughts, I want you to remember whose feet it was that Jesus washed.

Yes, he washed his beloved disciples’ feet …but he also washed the feet of the very person who, in a matter of hours, would turn him over to the Roman soldiers for crucifixion.

This is important not only as we struggle to extend love to those we find it difficult to love, but also as we remember that Jesus loves us and shares that love with us, even when we don’t earn it or deserve it.

When Jesus departed from this world, He left His disciples standing there, with a towel. 

A towel: something that can be used for cleaning, for washing, for swaddling babies, drying sweat and tears.  A towel.  Grab your towel and share the love of Jesus with another today.

Jesus loves you, so love one another.

…And that’s our Moment of Truth!