From Pastor Caroline (2/25/22) . . .

Glimpses of Glory

“while he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became dazzling white.”

~Luke 9:29

We may not recognize it as such, but we certainly experience transfiguration. We are bound to, as we live as disciples of Jesus. When we follow Jesus, we find ourselves on mountaintops. But do we recognize those times for what they are?

Where have you experienced the transfiguration of the glory of the Lord? It’s there. It is all around us. We have to watch and see.

When Josh and I first moved to Kenya, I found it difficult to travel out into the slums to work with the people. I preferred being at the children’s home or the ministry center or clinic where people would come to me.

It was difficult to travel to the slums as the transportation was not easy and the roads were quite poor. The traffic was always a problem because people would steal the solar panels powering the traffic lights. And when I would finally arrive in the slum, I would have to walk great distances on dirt pathways littered with sewage, and trash and other things. Then when I would finally arrive at someone’s home, I would be invited to sit on a piece of foam being used as a mattress or else on a bucket of some kind.

I remember being so uncomfortable and always worried about the time and how long I would need to stay, or what I would be served to eat and drink, or the smells and illnesses and everything else you can imagine.

And then one day, something changed. I went to the home of a woman in a particular slum with the sounds and the smells and the illness and the drink that I didn’t want, and I was handed a child (who didn’t want me holding him), and I saw there was a transfiguration. I saw the glory of the Lord. And it was beautiful and painful. I drank my tea, I held that baby, the smell became peripheral, the bucket wasn’t so bad, and the compassion overwhelmed me.

That transfiguration was so dramatic that I came to the point where I craved those times of discomfort because I knew that it was in those times that I most depended on God and that I could catch those glimpses of glory. Transfiguration can come in the unlikeliest of places!

We must develop the capacity to recognize the glory of God, for without it, we cannot be who God has called us to be in the world. We cannot live as the disciples of Christ that we long to be. We cannot bring healing and freedom into this world.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Caroline