From Pastor Caroline (2/11/22) . . .

When something is so new and different, it takes some
thought and intentionality to understand it. To know what
it is and how it works.

When we first heard about the novel coronavirus, we
didn’t understand it. Nobody did.

We didn’t know how it spread. We didn’t know how it
should be contained. We didn’t know how to treat it.
This novel coronavirus was just that – novel.

We had to experience it and learn about it before we could
even begin to fight it. It was different from what we knew
and were familiar with. It took attention and resources and
effort to understand it and begin fighting it.

Jesus knows that the Kingdom of God is so different from
our present worldview.

He knows that for people to understand the Kingdom of
God, it is going to take some intentional instruction.

We must give it our attention and focus. It is important to

Jesus spends time with the people. He is with them and
healing them. Jesus doesn’t just offer healing, but he
explains it as well. He says,
blessed are you who are poor, who are hungry, who weep
and are persecuted . . .because there is healing in the
Kingdom of God.

Jesus shows us and teaches us what healing looks like.
And it doesn’t look anything like the world tells us that it
does. Health does not look like wealth, abundance and
personal glory.

It looks like justice, love, mercy and humility.
To live as a disciple of Christ in the Kingdom of God is
counter to our culture. We must give all of our efforts as
we seek health.
. . . And that’s our Moment of Truth!