From Pastor Caroline (12/31/21)

Overwhelming Joy

December 31, 2021


Those wise men journeyed from far, following the star, that they might encounter the Christ. We are told that, “When they saw that the star had stopped, they were overwhelmed with joy.”

Seeking Jesus, following the light, persevering through difficult journeys, is all worth it. Because when we finally encounter the Christ, we are overwhelmed with joy!

I wonder, when was the last time you were “overwhelmed with joy”? In my experience, most people find joy to be elusive, not overwhelming. It’s not that people do not want joy. Some people spend their whole lives seeking joy but never find it.

Last Sunday, the world lost an incredible man, the Archbishop Desmond Tutu. According to Tutu, the reason people find joy to be elusive is because they are seeking it for themselves. He said that we only find true joy when are seeking to bring joy to another.

That’s the revolutionary teaching of Jesus …putting the needs of others before our own!  It is only through sharing love, compassion and kindness with others that we can receive true joy…overwhelming joy.

Those wise men were overwhelmed with joy because of this good news that is for all people: A King is born, a Savior, the Messiah. This good news is even for wise men from a foreign land seeking the Christ. This is good news of overwhelming joy that is for everyone.

Follow the star and receive overwhelming joy!

May you be overwhelmed with joy!

Pastor Caroline