From Pastor Caroline (12/3/21)


I was once in an informal settlement in South Africa doing a home visit with a woman with AIDS. Getting to her place was challenging.  There were no roads.  And as I walked down the dirt path, I had to be careful as it was an open sewer.  The smell in the heat was unbearable.  I then worked my way down the path where I reached a river.  I had to jump from rock to rock to get across, being careful not fall in as that is where the sewage ran.  As I came to the other side of the river, I had to climb up the side of a pretty steep hill.

A mile and a half later I arrived at her small home that was made of pieced-together cardboard and metal.  She was not well, but got out of bed to pull up a bucket for me to sit on as she graciously welcomed me into her home.  As I sat there with her, I asked her, “So how are you doing?”  to which she responded,

“God is good, I can’t complain.”

For all the complaining that I had done in my head as I made my way to her home, I knew . . .this woman was a prophet.  What is a prophet? A prophet is one who receives a word from God and shares that word with others, although the people usually don’t want to hear it.  It’s a reminder of something that we already know, we just need to hear it again.  This woman reminded me that day: God is good, all the time.

God places peculiar prophets in our lives to tell us what we need to hear.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to hear God’s prophets — when they don’t look like us or sound like us or tell us what we want to hear.  I hope that you will look for the peculiar prophets around you and hear the word of the Lord for you today.

. . . And that’s our Moment of Truth!