From Pastor Caroline (12/10/21)

What Do I Do?

Do you remember your baptism?  Do you remember the words of the pastor spoken to you at the time?  I was baptized by the pastor of outreach at my church growing up, David.  David is an encourager.  He never has a harsh word for anyone.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

John the Baptist, too, baptized many people.  To the people who came to him to be baptized, John said, “You snakes; who warned you to flee?”  What a shocking thing to hear in response to a request for baptism.

What do you think your response would be if that were what your pastor said?   I think I would be shocked.  Maybe even turn around and go home.

John is obviously not trying to start the next megachurch.  John was trying to help the people hear the truth and sometimes the truth is shocking.  He was trying to help the people understand that discipleship is more than baptism, more than a profession of faith, more than temple attendance or heritage.  It is important message; one worth the chance of offending.  It led the people there that day to ask the question: So, what do I do?

The truth is hard to hear sometimes.  It can also be hard to give.  We hesitate in sharing the truth so as not to shock others but really, the truth that we have to share is shocking and it must be shared.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is shocking, and leads us to ask the question: So, what do I do?

Just we are doing this Advent season.  Prepare.  Don’t become complacent but put your faith to action.

May the blessings of Christmas be yours,

Pastor Caroline