From Pastor Caroline (10.29.21)

Several years ago I had my children at the pediatrician’s office for the annual flu vaccination clinic. Imagine being trapped in a room with dozens of small children being stuck with needles.  The child’s image of hell. 

We had finally finished and were heading out of the front doors where we came across this little girl who had to be about 7 years old.  She was tall, and skinny, and had wiry red hair that was all over.  She was with her father.  He had a heavy eastern European accent and was holding his head down, trying not to draw attention to himself. 

He was saying, “please, come get in the car; it is time to go.”  All the while this little girl is plastered to the side of the wall of the building and screaming at the top of her lungs, “Get away from me, I hate you, I will never get in the car with you.”  Daddy had obviously taken her to get her shots against her will (probably hadn’t even told her where they were going) and she did not take it well.

That father desperately loved his little girl.  He probably knew the drama that would ensue from taking her to get that vaccination, but he loved her enough to do it anyway.  She didn’t understand, but he did what he did out of love.  The undying love of a father for his child.  We seek to be faithful followers.  It is not always easy, sometimes we push back against what we are told or asked to do as disciples.  We don’t understand it and think we know best. 

But we have a patient, loving God who continues to be faithful to us even as we seek to be faithful to him.

Sometimes we are that wiry, red-headed girl …losing our mind, and fighting back against the Father that loves us. We may not always faithfully follow, but remember, even when you don’t, you are loved, you are cherished, you are a child of God. 

…And that’s our Moment of Truth!