From Pastor Caroline (10.15.21)

Moments of Truth:  The Winning Team

I love a good soccer game! I do love watching professional soccer, but I think my favorite thing is watching a good kids’ soccer match.  You know that one I mean; the one when a kid gets that soccer ball and gets so excited and kicks and runs and gives it all that they have, only to score in the wrong goal. 

You’ve seen it!  You’ve laughed and (I hope) had compassion all at the same time. 

Everyone is there on the sidelines calling out, “You’re going the wrong way.”  But they keep going, oblivious …so focused on getting that goal.  They want to win!

They don’t know which way they are going, whose team they are on.  Do you know whose team you’re on?  Do you know which way you are going?  Or do you run back and forth between the goals?

To be a faithful follower of Jesus means to listen to his voice and go for the goal he tells you to go for.

And it won’t sound like the voice of our culture which says that someone has to win and someone has to lose in order for there to be true glory.

Jesus’ glory is about serving other; about  putting others first.  Jesus’ glory says that compassion and love are primary. 

Are you scoring for the right team or are you running back and forth up and down the field?

Do you realize that Jesus’ team is the winning team?

Do you understand what winning with Jesus looks like?  Winning with Jesus (sharing in his glory) is about serving others and putting others first.

And that’s our Moment of Truth!