From Pastor Caroline (10.08.21)

Do you have a following?  What do your Instagram and Twitter feeds look like?  I was curious as to who has the greatest following on social media platforms, so I looked it up. 

On Twitter, the person with the most followers is Barak Obama with over 129 million.  On Facebook, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has over 150 million followers.  Cristiano Ronaldo also has the largest following on Instagram with over 325 million followers.  I don’t know what makes them the most popular, just that they have the greatest following. 

People tend to follow people for different reasons.  Maybe they like the way they perform at their job.  Maybe they like their beliefs or their ideas.  Different things draw people to another person, creating a following.

Jesus too has a following.  And while thousands came to hear him speak and teach, he only thought it necessary to have twelve really close followers! 

Of course, Jesus’ following looks quite different; and the purpose of following Jesus is radically different as well. 

We follow Jesus, and where does that lead us? 

To the cross, to sacrifice. 

We follow Jesus, and what does it cost us? 


We follow Jesus and what do we get out of it? 

We lose everything, but we gain the Kingdom …God’s Kingdom.

Faithfully follow Jesus…and enter the Kingdom of God.

…And that’s our Moment of Truth!