From Pastor Caroline (1/28/22) . . .

Called to Hope
January 30, 2022

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
and before you were born I set you apart;

~Jeremiah 1:5

You are called. God has set you apart and has plans and a purpose for you. Now, how you
respond to that purpose is completely up to you. And fear is certainly allowed!

When the prophet Jeremiah was overwhelmed by the call God gave to him, he responded with
reasons why he couldn’t do it. He said that he couldn’t speak. He said he was too young. But
really what Jeremiah was saying was, “I am afraid.”

God heard the cries of Jeremiah and responded to his fears. God promised to be with Jeremiah
and gave Jeremiah hope.

Sometimes the tasks before us are more than we can bear. You’re exhausted from work. You’re
stressed about the kids, stressed about the mortgage payment, stressed about that next project.
You feel you don’t have anything left. You watched the stock market plummet on Monday, and
you wondered, is there anything left? You’re living in the wake of painful loss and you wonder,
is there anything left?

We wonder if we have purpose, if there’s a plan. We are overwhelmed at what God has put
before us. And the fear begins to rise.

Remember, you are loved. You are cherished. You are a child of God. God’s got this. God hears
your cries. God promises to be with you and give you hope.

You are called, called to hope!

Peace be yours,

Pastor Caroline