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Pastor’s Friday Comments (09.14.18)

by Angie Smith

On Sunday evening, September 23, at 5 in the afternoon, the Parkway family will do one of those things we enjoy and do well — get together to eat. We’ll be at McDaniel Farm Park, the setting where we had a good time together last summer, and we’ll have good barbecue and good conversation. But […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (09.07.18)

by Angie Smith

Those of us who are part of the Parkway family of faith are aware that, beyond the most important and fundamental benefit of church membership of helping to deepen our relationship with God, there are other tangible benefits as well, most of which have to do with the connections we have with other Christians. But […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (08.31.18)

by Angie Smith

Christians readily affirm, based on clear New Testament teachings, that a relationship with God is a gift that cannot be earned and is not caused by any merit we might possess. Nevertheless, as the writer of The Letter of James emphasizes, our conduct as followers of Christ does matter a great deal. Whether in our […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (08.24.18)

by Angie Smith

Today is my oldest brother’s birthday. Happy birthday, Robert. (I doubt very seriously that he ever reads these comments, but I’ll call him sometime today and I might tell him that his name came up.) I find myself often mentioning the fact that I am the oldest of six sons. I think I do it […]

Pastor’s Friday Comments (08.17.18)

by Angie Smith

Jesus told his first disciples that they would know the truth and the truth would make them free (John 8:32). As with all Scripture it is important to understand the context. The full quote is directed at Jews who had decided to follow him. He said, “If you continue in my word, you are truly […]