Blog from Kristy Engel….

Thank you. 

Thank you for your support, your encouragement, your gifts and for being family to me. My job as the Global Consultant for Health for International Ministries means that I am more often traveling than I am home. But, when I’m home, you are my family, and I will be forever grateful to be a member of the Parkway family and I am always telling the world about you!

You know and have heard that we are in the midst of our Global Missions campaign and that I am one of the recipients of these gifts. You may also be wondering how I use those gifts and where your money is working around the world. Let me take a few lines to tell you about how your gifts work through my ministry:

*Funds for medical supplies and clinic development in countries like India, Bolivia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Bangladesh

*Work with over 18 different countries as they develop community health care projects, outreach, mobile medical clinics and specialty projects with marginalized communities

*Travel, training and consulting in countries regarding Assets-Based Community Development (ABCD) and how to honor their God-given gifts

*Work with crisis: hurricanes, earthquakes and disease outbreaks (such as Ebola and cholera)

*Speaking in, preaching and training churches and church leaders here in the USA

*Working with nursing schools and hospitals around the world so that they have the tools, training and support needed to reach marginalized communities

In 2012, International Ministries, through the American Baptist Churches, asked me to write my own job description for a new position, my current role. They told me to dream big but keep it to one page! So, in 2012, after 15 years of working between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, I began to dream about the possibilities of what a health care role, working globally, would look like. This became what I do today. It includes consults, supporting leaders, providing supplies, making connections between agencies, maintaining my continuing education and licensure here in the USA, working with churches and volunteer mission groups, training, teaching, preaching…the list goes on and on!

 I am very proud of what I do and proud that Parkway Baptist Church supports me throughout the world. You go with me. I said in the beginning of this article, THANK YOU! I honestly could not do what I do or go where I go without your support. Knowing that you pray for me, support me financially, get me to and from the airport, and take a genuine interest in what I do, helps me to serve in some of the most difficult places in the world.