Backyard Bible Club

Summers are so busy for our members and the community. People are traveling, attending camps and visiting family. It has become quite a challenge to find a time to not only have a Vacation Bible School that children are able to attend, but also to find a time that allows people to volunteer. This summer, we are providing a Backyard Bible Club. This will take place on June 12, 19 and 26 from 1-4. Children who are traveling will be able to come when they are in town. Volunteers will have a variety of times they can help. Best of all, the program that I have selected will not have any costs other than snacks. Our theme is “All God’s Creatures”. Our art project will be creating unique animals and naming them. We will have outside games and will watch animal movies in the Fellowship Hall to get out of the summer heat. We will follow up with a couple of activities in July.

I am excited to try this new version of a Vacation Bible School and hope that all of our Parkway children will be able to attend one or more of the sessions. I am also looking forward to getting to know our neighborhood children a little better this summer!

Volunteers are still needed! Please let me know if you have a free Wednesday afternoon to help!

Jane Redman