A Guide to Prayer for the Bolivia Mission Trip 2016

Our missionaries will be traveling to Cochabamba, Bolivia from June 8-21. Our relationship with House of Hope began last summer through a connection with our member and American Baptist missionary, Kristy Engel. Please pray each day for this endeavor.

To focus your thoughts for prayer, it will be helpful to read these passages: Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:6-11

Prayers for the Ministry in Bolivia

Richard Achu and Carmen Flores Choque and their children, Liezbeth, Camila, and Valentin

Carmen is the director of House of Hope and Richard is the local expert in building cob houses. Liezbeth has begun working in children’s ministries with the House of Hope.

J.D. and Rhonda Reed and their children, Grace, Abie, and Nathan

The Reeds are the only missionaries in Bolivia appointed by International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches, USA. J.D. develops church leaders and plants new churches. Rhonda is taking on a larger role in House of Hope and currently studying for her Masters degree in International Nursing.

Unión Bautista Boliviana (Bolivian Baptist Union)

This is International Ministries’ sole partner in Bolivia. Because of changes in national law, the union has had to revamp its structure and constitution and is in the midst of transition.

Mylinda Baits

She is a regional missionary with particular focus on human trafficking in the Iberoamerica-Caribbean region. She has been at House of Hope teaching the leaders about using art to help people deal with trauma.

Manuel and Julia

Manuel is the pastor of a church with two locations in the “Red Zone” area of Pacata Alta, the community in Cochabamba where a children’s ministry has been instrumental in serving children who are living with drug or alcohol abuse and domestic violence.

Fundación Kumi y Las Lomas Ministries

This is a ministry to handicapped children. In Bolivia, a child with a physical handicap is often seen as a shame on the family or the result of sin.

Fundación Emanuel

The Emanuel Foundation was started by Goretty Jora, a Bolivian engineer who ministers to children of prostitutes in the red light district of Cochabamba through after-school programs, nutrition programs, counseling and a retreat center in the mountains.

Medical and Dental Clinics

House of Hope works with a group of dentists and doctors to provide clinics on a regular basis. Dr. Claudia Davila and her husband Boris Cardenas help coordinate the medical teams and also worked with our team during our trip in 2015.

Villa Porvenir/Clean Water Project

This is an area with almost 500 families to whom the city has refused water and electricity because the families do not own the land on which they are living. A local church provides ministries to feed, clothe, bathe, and care for this community.

Ministry Jireh/Pastor Miguel and Noelia

Sinai Baptist Church is in one of the toughest parts of south Cochabamba. They have begun an after-school ministry to give the kids of this area hope and purpose. This is the church we have partnered with and where we built a church last summer. Pastor Miguel Gonzales and his wife, Noelia Rojas, are our partners in this ministry.

School of Leaders Project

J.D. Reed assists pastors who are having to work two or three additional jobs in order to provide for their families by teaching them in a small group setting. This cuts the time they need to complete seminary degrees down to two semesters.

Kristy Engel

Kristy came to Parkway less than three years ago and has inspired us to expand our vision for missions both here and around the world. She connected us with the ministry in Cochabamba. She is a nurse practitioner serving globally in health care ministries with International Ministries.

Prayers for our Ministry Team

Gratitude to God and to the Parkway family for providing the financial support that made this effort possible

Safety for the team members as they travel and as they work

Effectiveness in service, not only in the repairs to the House of Hope, but, more importantly, in the building on previous relationships and the dedication of the church from last summer.

Completion of final preparations

Support team at home

Prayer for the Individual Members of the Team

Those going on the trip

Kristy Engel, Don Nanney, JP Ferrell,  Joel Penny, Brandy Huneycutt,  Jodie Samp.  They will be working directly with House of Hope, the central ministry that supports several projects throughout Cochabamba and the surrounding area. 

The House of Hope, run by Richard and Carmen Flores, is the central command post for supporting missionaries and ministries, as well as the place where visiting groups stay while they are working in Cochabamba. Our group will be performing much needed repairs to the house so that the ministry may continue to use the facility for a minimal rent.

Please pray daily for safety in travel, effectiveness in work, and a deepening of the relational connections that were begun during our initial trip last summer. Watch for daily updates during the trip on our website.