Welcome to our new Pastor

September 20 marked the beginning of Rev. Caroline Smith’s tenure as pastor of Parkway Baptist Church, and she will preach her first official sermon September 26.
Parkway voted unanimously August 22 to call Rev. Smith as pastor, and the church just completed a four week sermon series during the interim led by guest speakers preaching on the theme “What We Need to Hear to Get Ready.” If you missed any of those powerful and compelling messages, you can watch them on Parkway’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb37Fve-sNqGFYRXqShkx6w.
Rev. Smith has posted two letters to the congregation the last two weeks, setting the stage for her arrival. They are available on the Parkway website at https://parkway-baptist.org/from-pastor-caroline-smith/ and https://parkway-baptist.org/letter-from-pastor-caroline-smith/.
Members are encouraged to make every effort to attend this Sunday, but if anyone is unable to be at worship in person, they can view the service on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb37Fve-sNqGFYRXqShkx6w.
Parkway owes a debt of gratitude to staff members Angie Smith, Jane Redman, Carey Huddlestun and Wed Medford for keeping the church functioning at a high level, both administratively and ministerially during the interim, and a special word of thanks is due Deacon Chair Jodie Samp and Deacon Evelyn Grant for continuing Parkway’s meaningful prayer meetings on Wednesdays throughout the four week interim period.