From the Student Ministry….

I am thankful.

This past Sunday the Youth had our monthly Youth lunch. With Thanksgiving just around the corner we decided to make it our Thanksgiving lunch and spent time saying what we were thankful for. Some were thankful for family, some for good grades, and some for still being able to participate in band. What I came away with was an appreciation of their appreciation. In spite of all the things gone from this year’s seasonal festivities, they are finding ways to be thankful.

So I am thankful too. I choose to be thankful too. I choose to try and see how each situation can be a gift. When I have to miss my normal Thanksgiving get together, I am thankful that my wife and I get to start our own traditions and try out cooking our own turkey! When I have to wear a mask and it fogs my glasses, I am thankful that I am not sick and can go out and do things! When my wife and I have a disagreement, I am thankful that we are not the same person because that would be boring!

It is a tough holiday season. It is a tough time for community and family. It is, initially, tough to find things to be thankful for but what you do find becomes more meaningful and more precious. I encourage you all to find what you are thankful for!