From the Children’s Ministry….

When we worshiped together at church the last time in March, none of us had any idea that we would still be apart this summer. Nevertheless, here we are and I have to say that it is difficult to let go of some of the activities that I look forward to each year. Zoom calls are wonderful in that we can at least see each other, but there is no way that those calls can replace Vacation Bible School activities, Passportkids Camp, swim parties and fun summer excursions. These are things that cannot be replicated on Zoom.

In the next few weeks, I hope to pay a “front porch” visit to all the Parkway children. I have ordered a few things for children that I want to deliver in person and spend a little “safe distancing” time with each of them. As soon as everything arrives, I will send out an email to parents to set up a time for the visit. If anyone is not comfortable with a visit, I will simply drop off the bags. After so many months of virtual visits, I look forward to being in the same outdoor, safe space!

There are a lot of things happening in our country right now that we would certainly be addressing at appropriate levels in the church setting. While I always ask the children during Zoom calls if there is anything they want to talk about or are concerned about, virtual meetings are not a good forum to address all the concerns children may have. I am confident that Parkway parents are having good conversations with their children to address any questions or concerns that the children may have. I am available for Facetime or front porch visits any time the children need to talk about any issue.

Stay safe!