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The Hope Tank

1 Peter 3:15
“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…”

I was recently speaking with a pastor friend of mine about my current frustration with all of the negativity around me. I shared that even when I tried to help people out of their negativity with suggestions or encouragement, there were those who simply wanted to wallow in their distress. I have found that incredibly discouraging and I mentioned that I wish I could be a part of a “think tank” that sought innovative answers to today’s struggles. I felt that this would be helpful and encouraging to me to feed off of the “outside the box” thinking of others.

At this point, my friend said, “well, why don’t you start a Hope Tank?”

A Hope Tank? What does that look like? How would I start? Who would I invite? Would anyone even need this like I do?

I had a slew of questions but my mind began to race…YES! This could be the answer. My friend then reminded me of 1 Peter 3:15 where we are to give an answer to people about the hope we have…our hope in Jesus and a world beyond what we see today. It was a reminder to me that I am not in charge of changing anyone’s outlook BUT I must be prepared to share with anyone about why I hold hope in desperate situations.

So, the Hope Tank is beginning! I’ve invited a few people to share a short virtual visit with me each week. The goal will be to share where we have seen hope or light or love around us during this very trying time. We won’t be denying all of the pain and hurt but we will be recognizing that there is good around us, too.

It’s really easy to get bogged down in the negativity we see and hear around us…to believe that this is all that there is. As Christians, though, we must remember that as bad as it looks, this is not our perspective. We must see a world of hurt, yes, and do what we can to mitigate that hurt but we must also see the hope and love that is offered through Jesus Christ. It is how we survive but more than that, it is how we thrive.

I would ask for your prayers in this journey. I want to invest in the lives of others by sharing a hope beyond their pain. I want others to care about this, too, and begin to shift their view of the world. Together we can do this! Together we can offer hope and light and life and love.

How will you build your Hope Tank?