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All Things Bright and Beautiful

Denise and I enjoy climbing to the top of Stone Mountain. We haven’t been up the mountain lately because we have been sheltering-in-place and have only occasionally ventured out to pick up groceries. We enjoy several things about hiking up Stone Mountain, one of which is experiencing the unique geology and botany found there.

One of the most enjoyable times to hike up Stone Mountain is in August when the Stone Mountain yellow daisies are in bloom.

Native to the Southeastern United States, the Stone Mountain yellow daisy is a species of Confederate daisy (helianthus porteri) that was discovered in 1946. The Stone Mountain yellow daisy is only found in a 60-mile radius of Stone Mountain and, like all Confederate daisies, grows in thinner soil along granite hillsides.
When they are in bloom, Stone Mountain daisies transform the trail to the top of the mountain! All the plants that are able to grow on Stone Mountain are impressive, but the masses of small bright yellow Stone Mountain daisies make the walk truly wonderful. It is amazing to see large clumps of these happy flowers thriving in such less than ideal conditions, on rocky granite outcrops, in very little soil, and exposed to the Southeast’s elements.

Of course, the parallel to our current situation is obvious. Due to the pandemic we all are in less than ideal conditions. We are having to find new ways to work, shop, socialize, and do church. The situation is constantly changing. I hope and pray during these hard, spare, and uncertain times, you are finding enough spiritual soil, sun, and water to keep you grounded and growing. It is reassuring to consider the Stone Mountain daisy, remember Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:25-34, and realize God loves us much more than the flowers of the field.

“All Things Bright and Beautiful”
Author: Cecil Frances Alexander
All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.
Choral setting by John Rutter: