From the Student Ministry….

Through Her Eyes

In this Advent season the youth are going through the Not a Silent Night youth guide by Adam Hamilton. It takes a look not only at the night of Jesus’ birth, but stages throughout Jesus’ life, and it looks through Mary’s eyes. I know many of us have been in church for years and every year we read the same story about the birth of Jesus. And every year ministers try to find “fun new ways” to present this story. This year is one of those years.

Looking at the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus through the eyes of Mary is not a brand new idea, but it does bring questions because we have such little information on Mary and her perspective. Being the mother of Jesus, the Son of God, must have come with responsibilities that we could not imagine, but can we try?

My mother’s favorite part of the birth story is when Mary cherishes all of the things they have said of Jesus and she ponders them in her heart (Luke 2:19). My mother says that, when people tell her wonderful things about her children, it is the greatest gift. Imagine being able to ponder what it means to be the mother of God! Oh, how marvelous! 

But can we also ponder the majesty of Jesus? In our youth group we have discussed trying to ponder Jesus this Advent Season. I know some of our schedules barely give time to think about what we will eat for our next meal, much less time to ponder, but pondering, thinking deeply about who Jesus is and what that means to us and our families could change everything. What will you ponder this Christmas?