From the Student Ministry

Jesus in the Old Testament 

Or a different wording could be “The central character of the New Covenant in the Hebrew text.” The student ministry has started a new series discussing how we can see Jesus in the Old Testament. We have already learned that Jesus’ name may not be in the scriptures, but many of the characters and stories in the Old Testament point to Jesus, and not just the Messianic prophecies.

Many of us that grew up in church may have grown up separating the Bible into two parts, thinking they did not really connect (other than the prophecies, of course). We all learned the “fun” Old Testament stories and the songs and dance moves that went with them, but maybe not how they connected to the larger story. It was not until later in my faith that I began to see the Bible as a whole text of God drawing us near. 

Being able to see how Old Testament stories point to Jesus helped me see how much God truly loves us. The student ministry will continue to explore in what ways we see Jesus throughout the whole Bible and how that affects us today. Have you found Jesus in the Old Testament?