Update from Ad Hoc Property Proposal Committee

Update from the Ad Hoc Property Proposal Committee 

A lot of behind-the-scenes activity has been taking place since the last update.  After two extensions to the Investigation Period, it is now complete as of June 7.  Parkway has received Lennar’s “Notice to Proceed” which indicates they intend to proceed with this deal to closing.  The important Reciprocal Easement Agreement document has been written and agreed upon by both Lennar and Parkway.  This document will ultimately carry over many of the terms and conditions that will establish the relationship between Parkway and the future neighborhood Home Owner’s Association. Also, the soil testing of the property is complete as is the official survey.  Based on the final survey, Lennar will be purchasing 12.8 acres, leaving Parkway owning 8.7 acres.

The final site plan, the landscaping plan, the grading plan, and the preliminary sign plan have been reviewed and approved by the Committee.  Subject to Johns Creek approval, Lennar is planning on naming the development “Villas at River Park.”  The entry street to our property is named River Park Drive, and the intersecting street to the left of the Education Building is named River Bend Way.  At some point during development, these will become public Johns Creek streets.

Again, subject to Johns Creek approval, Parkway’s entry will remain as it is, albeit with a new street name, with the Parkway sign remaining in its present location.  Lennar will have a small monument sign on the left side of the entry displaying the name of the development.The design has not been completed but Parkway will have input to the final design and colors.  Lennar will install a larger sign at the corner of State Bridge Road and the new street, River Bend Way (Parkway’s old entrance.)

Lennar submitted the necessary paperwork for a Land Disturbance Permit on June 5.  While not encountering any technical problems, the personnel turnover in the Johns Creek office has had an impact on the schedule and some previous agreements.  A small variance which had been informally approved has now been rescinded, and as a result the total number of homes to be built has dropped by one, from
44 to 43. 

Given all the details and engineering work required for a project of this size, things are progressing as expected.  A closing date will be set once remaining details have been worked out. We will continue to keep the congregation informed of future progress.

Don Nanney, Chairman
June 11, 2019