Katherine Blackwell

Pray for Parkway

Pray that Parkway will feel closer to the ministry in Bolivia.

Pray for Katherine’s family

Pray for a sense of calm and peace for Katherine’s family while Katherine is away.

Pray for Katherine

Pray that Katherine receives a good report at her rheumatology appointment and that it doesn’t affect her trip to Bolivia.

Pray that God speaks to Katherine about her future and that she will be a true help in Bolivia.

David Dover

Pray for Parkway

Pray that relationships between Parkway and House of Hope become stronger.

Pray for David’s family

Pray that schedules will be kept and sanity and safety prevail.

Pray for David

Pray that David will be able to be a successful servant who is able to let go of control of situations.

Pray for David’s health and his personal fitness.

Kristy Engel

Pray for Parkway

Pray that Parkway will continue to grow the relationships established in Bolivia.

Pray for Kristy

Pray for Kristy’s personal health on the trip.

Pray that Kristy can continue to be a good mentor in Cochabamba.

Brandy Huneycutt

Pray for Parkway

Pray that there will be renewed interest in more people going on the trip in future years.

Pray for Brandy’s family

Pray that Brandy’s mother and grandparents stay healthy and that there are no emergencies while she’s gone.

Pray for Brandy

Pray for Brandy to develop closer relationships with the other participants on the trip.  Pray that she budgets her time well to accomplish the things she needs to do before the trip.

Caleb Huneycutt

Pray for Parkway

Pray for a much stronger connection between Parkway and the people of Bolivia.

Pray for Caleb’s family

Pray for Chad and Ally to make sure the house doesn’t fall apart!

Pray for Caleb

Pray for Caleb’s grades and for a good sleep schedule during the last days of his senior year.

Pray that this trip will widen Caleb’s perspective and that he will learn more about people who live in different circumstances.

Jodie Samp

Pray for Parkway

Pray that Parkway will feel connected to our “out of town” church family.

Pray for Jodie’s family

Pray for safe travels for Kaelie as she visits grandparents.

Pray for Jodie

Pray that Jodie will find a dog/bunny/house sitter while they are gone.

Pray that Jodie will be able to continue to develop the relationships developed in Bolivia when she gets back home.

Jim Samp

 Pray for Parkway

Pray that the church will feel as engaged as the missionaries with the people and ministries in Bolivia.

Pray for Jim’s family

Pray for safety and security of travel during handovers between families.

Pray for Jim

Pray that Jim will be prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually for the work that the team will be doing.

Pray that Jim’s heart will be open to the people with whom he comes in contact.