Let’s have breakfast together this Sunday. That will be different for me. I probably eat breakfast most Sundays before you struggle out of bed, but I’m looking forward to it. It will be great to be back together.

Some of you I have hardly seen at all this summer. You’ve been taking some great trips and I want to hear about them. Or you’ve had relaxing times at your favorite beach or mountain retreat and it will be great to see you coming back fit and rested (I hope). Or maybe you just took a break from as much of your routine as possible during the hot months and one of those items on your regular schedule was coming to church. Regardless, I’ll be glad to see you again.

Others I’ve seen sporadically. You’ve mixed it up between family vacations, weekends visiting relatives, and household projects, but you’ve been here off and on. I’m looking forward to when it’s more “on” than “off.”

And, of course, there are the faithful few who are here almost every week. If you’re not with us for Bible study and worship, I usually know the reason and it’s always a good one. You’ve been the ones who have kept things going through the summer doldrums and I appreciate it. I’ll just be glad to see you because I’m always glad to see you and this will just be another part of my privilege as a pastor — getting to be with great friends every week.

Regardless of what your summer has been like, our Back to Church Breakfast always serves as a reminder — a chance to be struck again by the sheer joy of being in God’s house and by the pleasure of each other’s company. My hope is always that this event will move from reminder to resolution, a commitment on the part of each of us to be as involved in the life of our family of faith as we possibly can be, not just for our own benefit, but so we can create an atmosphere and provide the ministries that will bring others into the fold. That work requires the involvement of each of us.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday.