Like it or not, those of you with school-age children are going to have to come back to town. You may be able to sneak away for a few more weekends before summer gets away from us (let’s face it — around here summer lasts almost until December) but it’s time to get back into a semblance of a routine.

I sincerely hope that means getting back to consistent participation in the services, ministries, and programs of your church family. For good and enviable reasons, the attendance of some of you has been abysmal in the last couple of months, but you earned your vacations and I’m glad you got the chance to rest, travel, and recreate. But now would be a good time to remind ourselves of why a trip or two to 5975 State Bridge Road every week is part of our schedule.

You can worship God wherever you are; you can study God’s word in any place; you can minister wherever you happen to be at any given moment. However, it is especially through our relationships with the family of faith as we join together that we grow as Christians.

Parkway grounds us in the basic truths of Christianity. As we open God’s word together in Sunday School, prayer meeting, and worship, we find enlightenment into how to apply the Scriptural truths to everyday living. With our brothers and sisters in Christ we are held accountable for the way we conduct ourselves when we are out in the world. In our collective worship we not only praise God more beautifully; we are reminded that we do not do so alone. There are plenty of others who can help us to offer the best in worship to our God. And it means more than we are able to say to people in distress of any kind that we are joining together in prayer for their needs.

There is also, of course, the intangible but very real pleasure of being with people who love and accept us as we are and whose company we enjoy. Haven’t you missed seeing each other? It’s time to catch up.

Things don’t get into high gear around here until after Labor Day, when we have our “Welcome Back” breakfast, but most of you have to be in town most weekends, so how about it? Can we count on seeing a little more of you?

And by the way, if you missed out on a few times when we passed the offering plate, now would be a good time to catch up on that too.