The time for our Spring Missions Offering draws to a close this weekend. This is our annual opportunity to expand our influence within our community and state by supporting some of our closest ministry partners. If we are going to make our goal and, more importantly, assist these ministries at a worthy level, each of us needs to give more generously.

Someone on the Missions Committee asked us to see how much would be required from each church family to attain our goal of $20,000. Adding to what has already been contributed, the answer is just over $100 per family. For some this may be more of a stretch than it would be for others, but, if we apply our minds and hearts to it, surely most of us could find a way to reorder our own spending priorities enough to do our part.

The three ministry partners we have chosen for this year are Norcross Cooperative Ministry, Rainbow Village, and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia.

Norcross Cooperative Ministry assists low income families in our area through emergency assistance. They provide everything from emergency financial aid for paying bills and rent to food and seasonal help, such as free Christmas assistance. On every fifth Sunday our congregation collects food for the Co-op, and some of our members volunteer there on a regular basis. The work of NCM pools the resources of many churches so we can be much more effective in ministering to the materially poor of our community than we would be able to be if we worked solely on a congregational basis.

Rainbow Village, just a few miles away in Duluth, seeks to break the cycle of homelessness, poverty, and domestic violence by providing low cost housing, job and life skills training, and other support for families seeking to work their way out of poverty. They also provide child and youth programs, early child development, and mental health services. We have helped them through furniture and supply donations, family adoptions, and Christmas gifts.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia partners with Baptist Christians to network, empower and mobilize churches for effective missions and ministry in the name of Christ. They are the state level organization through which we partner with like-minded Baptists to do God’s work.

I am sure you can see that all of these groups are worthy of our support. I want to emphasize that they are also dependent upon our support. In the great scheme of things, we may not be able to do much, but we are called by God to do what we can. As we come to the end of this campaign, please pray that you will be able to do your part.