Come to church tonight. On Easter Sunday, there’s a good chance that you will be in a service, either here or somewhere else, but come to church tonight.

Come share in Communion, being reminded not only of Christ’s sacrifice, but of the power he offers through his presence as we live out our lives.

Come hear again, in the spare, reserved words of the Gospels, the account of the death of Christ on the cross.

Come sing the solemn hymns of Good Friday, the songs of agony and death that stand in such beautiful counterpoint to the joyous anthems of Resurrection Sunday.

Come sit for moments of silence (a rare occasion these days), contemplating the gift that God offered the world, but also considering your own response to the call of Christ to follow him.

Come in preparation for Easter, knowing that you will only fully appreciate the joy of Christ’s victory over death when you have thought about what that death entailed and what it means.

Come to church tonight. It will make your worship on Easter Sunday even more meaningful. I’ll meet you there.