How are your reflexes?

The Parkway Student Ministry is currently going through the “I Am” statements of Jesus, and we have come to an interesting conclusion: We cannot reflect Jesus if we do not know Jesus. In many situations of our lives we want to do the “Christian” thing, but sometimes we do not. Why? We come to church, learn about Jesus, sing about Jesus, pray to Jesus, and we often learn many of the same principles over and over. I have heard so many sermons and Bible studies on trusting God, yet I find myself in situations where I do not lean on God. After talking about many ways we can show people Jesus in our lives, and then realizing that we do them less than we say them, we decided that maybe reflecting Jesus needs to become a reflex.

A reflex is an involuntary action made without conscious thought. I began to think about situations where reflecting Jesus should be a reflex, and I thought about why we would not do it. I have found that the less time I spend with Jesus, the less my reflexes are like Jesus. What do we spend our time on? We spend it on what we find valuable. We value our families, our jobs, and things that make us happy. I am reminded that time spent with God is never wasted, and is always valuable. The youth are thinking of ways to remind ourselves to spend time with God to develop those Jesus reflexes. It may be a note on your desk, on your mirror, or even a reminder in your phone, but the more time we spend with Jesus, the more we become like Jesus for the world around us.