Youth Sunday was last month and I cannot tell you what an amazing experience it was to watch some of the young men and women of this congregation step up and lead worship. They wrote their own prayers, liturgies, and children’s sermon and they also picked the music for the morning as well.

It became obvious to me that the youth of this church truly love worship and are not afraid to lead and engage in worship when given the opportunity. For some, getting up in front of the congregation is a huge deal and all of them did a wonderful job with their different assignments.

One of the most surprising moments to me though was when all of the young women started reciting Dr. King’s benediction by heart. This shows me that they do listen and absorb everything going on while they are in the sanctuary. I feel truly blessed to work with such an amazing group of young men and women.

This month we are going to Passport Choices. This will be a new experience for me but the youth seem to be excited and ready to go! The camp works by giving youth options. There is a drama group, a music group, a sports group, art group, and many other different areas of interest. I am really interested to see where each one of them chooses to spend their time.

I am also excited to see what God will do in each one of their lives through this camp. It will be a fun and exciting experience for all of us as we explore God in our lives and join together in community throughout this week of camp. We will also be given the chance to explore Greensboro as a group. I have never been so it will be exciting to see what is around and explore the community.

Our next youth event is a night out and lock in. We will have a fun night out, then head back to the church for a lock-in, watch some movies, play some games, eat snacks and just hang out. It should be a wonderful night of fun and fellowship!