Can Addition Actually Multiply?

Can adding something to your life have an impact on the lives of others? We have just entered the season of Lent and the youth were discussing things we could go without that can stand in the way of time with God. We talked about phones, social media, and what we choose to do with our free time. But is our relationship with God simply trying to sin less? It is actually so much more. The youth are going to be learning that we actually yearn for something that nothing in this world can fill. We were created to yearn for God and we yearn to be in the presence of God. We can say no to sin and take out everything that could stand between us and God, but if we do not fill that time wisely it may not actually lead us closer to God.

This then brought up the question of, if we give something up, what should we do instead? There are the normal church answers of praying, and reading the Bible more. Both of those are excellent ways to grow closer to God. We can also be the light and an encouragement to others. When was the last time you received mail that was not a bill or junk mail? Cards and letters are excellent ways we can reach out to people and let them know they are loved.

Growing closer to God does not always have to look like a deep, theological discussion. It can look like taking a friend out for coffee, babysitting so friends can have a night out, or just listening when we would rather give advice. All of these additions and many more can lead to a greater impact on not just your life, but the lives of others around you. When Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples that does not end with us praying for others. To make disciples we must invest our valuable time into the lives of others. What can you add in your life during this Lent season that could multiply through others?