New Expectations

The youth have been learning about expectations the last three weeks. We talked about the expectations of the Christmas season, and the expectations of Jesus during this time. For those of us who have grown up in the church, this time of year does not bring many surprises. We know we will hear the Christmas story multiple times, we will sing the Christmas hymns, and there will be lots of running around getting ready for the Christmas celebration. But what do we expect of Jesus during this time? Is Jesus just another part of the seasonal story? What if we sought Jesus as more than just a piece in the nativity? Our expectations during the Christmas season can affect our expectations for the new year.

I often feel like the new year sneaks up on me after the hectic travel and preparation for Christmas. Some people make New Year’s resolutions, but that just seems to be another expectation and not necessarily a chosen decision. What if our expectations of Jesus and how we bring Jesus into our lives changes for the New Year? What if we decide to seek Jesus differently in the coming year? Seeking Jesus is not an automatic action; it requires thought and a conscious decision made each day. We must purposely decide what our expectations for seeking Jesus will be for the coming year.

What are your expectations?