No Signal

It is Saturday afternoon and everyone is home gathered around the TV to enjoy a little thing called SEC football. Your team just completed the pass of the game and the receiver is running towards the goal when all of a sudden the dreaded “No Signal” box appears, bouncing around the screen. Gasps, sighs, and grumbles fill the room as everyone scrambles to figure out what happened. It is figured out that the TV has become disconnected from the cable box, turning it into a large piece of mantle art. The TV is quickly reconnected and the team rivalry continues. The cable box, the source to connection with favorite programs and sports games, is just about forgotten until something goes wrong.

This past week the student ministry finished the series on the “I Am” statements of Jesus with “I Am the Vine.” As explained by Jesus in John chapter 15, Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. When the branches are disconnected from the vine, their source of life, they die and are discarded and burned. There is no purpose or use for a branch disconnected from its source. As we compared this metaphor to our lives, we then asked, “How are we connected to the source?” We often go about our lives, activities, and daily routines not thinking about our source until something goes terribly wrong, but sometimes becoming reconnected to the source is not as easy as plugging the TV back to the cable box. Being connected to the source takes effort, and each day is our opportunity to make that decision. Don’t wait until you see “No Signal” to make your connection.