Wise or Poor

The last Sunday in November the youth finished the Decisions series by summing up all of the stories we studied. The decisions made by people in the Bible were then deemed as wise or poor or maybe both. One big takeaway was that those that made poor decisions most often did not include God in their decision-making process. Some even went strictly against what God had commanded. We could then see how important our decisions actually are and how they affect those around us.

A second takeaway is that applying these stories of making decisions may seem distant to us because we probably will not face such intense situations. We then start to read the Bible as an unrelatable story book rather than a guide to our Creator. As we learned about each decision we broke down that idea by looking at the motivations behind the decisions and found that we face the same dilemmas. We also learned that our decisions can be just as important as those we read about.

The last takeaway was to decide if learning about all of these stories was going to change how we make decisions. Do we seek wise counsel when faced with a problem? Do we seek God in order to make the best decisions? Do we truly care about how we affect others and the world around us? While discussing Paul’s conversion to believing in Jesus we learned that the best way to show people Jesus is to care about them and listen to them, but we can’t stop there. If we truly care for others we will care about their salvation. We will care if they know Jesus. Our decisions have the potential to change the world, but it is up to us to act.